Cornish Sea Salt Company Salty Essentials

Cornish Sea Salt Company Salty Essentials


3 Handy tubs of Sea Salt Crystals, Smoked Sea Salt and Sea Salt and Luxury Pepper.

Our sea salt is hand - harvested in Cornwall from the clearest waters of the Atlantic Ocean - just a short stones throw from the waters edge.

Sprinkle over grilled mackerel with a drizzle of olive oil and a squeeze of lemon juice, add a pinch to roasted vegetables, or season steamed vegetables at the table. For a sweet treat crumble a little of the Sea Salt Crystals into chocolate brownies or caramel.


Sea Salt Crystals 75g - Pure and natural sea salt

Smoked Sea Salt 50g - Oak, apple and cherry wood smoked sea salt

Sea Salt and Luxury Pepper 60g - sea salt mixed with peppercorns, red pepper and pimento

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