Our Story

Chris and Kris, founders of The Cornish Ketchup Co.

Chris and Kris, founders of The Cornish Ketchup Co.

How it began

Kristian Fleming and Chris Gordon met in 2012 in a coffee shop in Truro that Chris owned at the time. They soon discovered a mutual love for all things food and drink related. Both were fed up with ketchup that masked food rather than complimented it, this led to the idea of creating their own product. Enthusiastic for new ideas and challenges, they decided to set up Cornish Ketchup and produce a ketchup that they would want on their own dinner tables.

Chris Gordon

Chris grew up in Cornwall and lives in Truro with his wife Emma. He originally trained in food prep and service but after spending some time in the world of restaurants and kitchens he soon discovered it was too removed from people. Instead, he set his sights on the developing cafe culture scene in Cornwall and opened his first cafe in Mevagissey in 1999 at the age of 19. The recent sale of his cafe business has allowed Chris to focus on the Cornish Ketchup Company.

Kristian Fleming

Kris also grew up in Cornwall and now lives in Portholland with his wife, Jo and three children. His background is in retail and craft manufacturing but he has always had a keen interest in cooking. Kris grew up with some interesting family meal times as his father was a classically trained chef. This inspired his passion for good food later down the line, in particular taking care of the quality of the ingredients that went into his cooking at home.